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Veterinary Clinics Order Page

Collect your card requests and submit them in a single order.

How it Works

  1. Pick Your Card

    Visit the cards page and chose which card image and message you would like us to send your clients.

  2. Download Excel Card Order Form

    Download and fill out the form with the required info about your clinic. Click here for instructions on how to customize the form. Save it to your computer.

    Download Excel Card Order Form

  3. Fill Out The Form

    Fill in your clients' information in the form saved on your computer, save it.

  4. Upload The Form

    Drag and drop the completed file from your computer to this page. A preview window will pop up. Review your details then add a donation and continue to checkout.

On a Smartphone?

Our form is best used on a larger screen. Please visit us again on a desktop computer to complete your order. Here's a promo code for $20 off your first order that you can apply on the checkout page.