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Celebrating World Veterinary Day 2019

Posted by Evelyn Pryor on

Celebrating World Veterinary Day 2019

Your vet is an essential healthcare provider to your community. World Veterinary Day celebrates the work they do each day. Keep reading to learn more.

A vet is more than just someone who loves animals. They’re doctors and essential providers of animal welfare, production, health and public safety, especially in communities that rely upon animals and livestock to make a living.

That’s why World Veterinary Day takes time each year to celebrate the contributions of these individuals.

Are you ready for World Veterinary Day on April 27? If you’re unfamiliar with this important day, we’ve gathered a few resources to help you prepare.

What is World Veterinary Day?

World Veterinary Day is a celebration by the global veterinary community each year to focus on a particular issue in veterinary health. It is put on each year by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Veterinary Association (WVA) in order to raise awareness on issues that veterinarians around the world face each day.

Many people in the West think of veterinarians as doctors who keep their pets happy and healthy. But in rural areas with limited access to technology, veterinarians are an indispensable part of the community. In these rural communities, animals aren’t just pets—they’re the means by which many farmers earn their livelihoods.  (YOU COULD ADD THE 7 M’S)

And if these animals get sick, those farmers need a veterinarian to help them get healthy and ensure that they can go on earning an income for their families, sending their children to school and buying medications.

Veterinarians are also essential to food security, as they help prevent and control animal diseases that could seriously impact our food resources as the population  continues to rise.

World Veterinary Day Award

Because of this, World Veterinary Day serves two purposes:

  1. Raising awareness about veterinary issues
  2. Celebrating the contributions of veterinarians to creating a healthy society

To bolster the second goal, World Veterinary Day includes a World Veterinary Day Award. This award is meant to celebrate the contributions of members of the veterinary community, specifically those related to the year’s theme.

This year, the theme is Value of Vaccination, and the award is open to all WVA Veterinary Associations who submit evidence of activities promoting the value of vaccination. This could be educational seminars, new research on vaccines, or a local campaign to promote animal vaccination.

The winning association receives recognition for their work as well as a monetary award to continue performing that work in the coming year. This year, the award is $2,500 USD and will be given to associations to create further educational resources, fund scholarships, reward staff, or provide further support to the communities they serve.

The Value of Vaccination

Vaccines are an incredible resource to help a veterinarian tend to the animals in their care.

Animals get vaccines for many of the same reasons humans do: to protect them against potential illnesses and reduce the spread of disease among the population. The difference is that animals cannot tell you when they are sick or suffering, which makes preventative medicine all the more important.

In addition, paying for a vaccine is often cheaper than paying for the ongoing care of a sick animal, making it more viable for communities with limited resources.

Looking to Help Vets Celebrate This Year?

Most people know a vet in their lives, someone who has stepped in to keep their beloved furry family members healthy and happy.

If you’re looking to help veterinarians around the world celebrate World Veterinary Day this year, you can support the work of the Christian Veterinary Mission through our long-term or short-term missions around the world.

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