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3 Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in the U.S.

Posted by Evelyn Pryor on

3 Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in the U.S.

Why not take a vacation in some of the most dog-friendly places in the country?

If you're hounding the Internet for ideas, here are three places that have happily gone to the dogs.


San Diego, California

Chasing a Frisbee on a beach is paradise for many dogs, and you won't find a better location for it than San Diego. The residents are barking mad for dogs and will gladly welcome visitors into the fold with their own beloved dogs.

The best beach in town is Dog Beach, the original leash-free beach in town (and the first of its kind in the country).

If you want some sweetness in your life, head to Sprinkles Cupcakes. You can get a treat for you and a treat for your dog, a sugar-free "pupcake" with yogurt frosting and a bone-shaped sprinkle.

If your dog loves to run, take them to the Off-Leash Dog Park at Balboa Park (it's open 24/7, so if your dog needs to burn off some steam, it's always ready).


Denver, Colorado

Start by checking in at the Crawford Hotel, which provides a dog bed and matching food and water bowls as well as the Furbo dog camera, which allows you to check in on your dog when you're away. It also gives bark notifications and lets you dispense a treat to keep the peace.

The biggest recreational area for dogs is the Dog Off-Leash Area at Cherry Creek State Park, a whopping 107 acres of fenced area perfect for playtime. If your dog lives in the water, summertime visitors can hit the Doggie Plunge, a fundraiser for Freedom Service Dogs that opens the Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center to four-legged swimmers.

If you want a bite to eat, you won't be pressed to find one. Downtown has a whopping 179 restaurants that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables.


Austin, Texas

Austin offers so much more than just live music--it's also a great hub for dogs and owners! Quite a few venues also offer dog-friendly events. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in the city, but there are plenty of dog-specific places you can go as well - some restaurants even include dog food menus.

Your dog already helps keeps you healthy with daily walks and outdoor activities, but in Austin you can also do yoga with you dog. 


Finding Dog-Friendly Places for Vacation

Is there anything better than a wagging tail?

When you visit dog-friendly places, your dog will truly be a part of your vacation, not just an extra guest in the hotel room.

If you're looking for more ways to take care of your pet no matter where in the world you are, check out our blog for more useful posts, like these ways to celebrate National Pet Week or this post on furry valentines, the best way to celebrate a holiday of love.


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